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$699 (2 screens), $599 (1 screen)

Powerful all-in-one POS terminals with built-in thermal printers and customer displays serve as efficient and reliable central management hubs for in-store operations. They can simultaneously connect to various desktop and handheld POS devices under the POSTRON brand, ensuring automatic synchronization of information and stable operation.

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Miniature all-in-one POS machines integrate functions such as order taking, payment processing, and receipt printing. They support multiple networking methods such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and 3G/4G, enabling you to conduct transactions anytime, anywhere. Particularly suitable for businesses such as food trucks, pop-up shops, restaurant takeaways, and fresh food deliveries.

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postron p2 pos
postron p2 lite pos

POSTRON P2 lite Handheld POS


Multi-functional portable POS terminals efficiently handle order taking and process payments via card swipe, insert, or NFC. They are smartphone-sized, lightweight, and portable, compatible with POSTRON series POS products.

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POSTRON T2 Lite Desktop POS


With a slim and lightweight design in a stylish titanium black color, they seamlessly blend into elegant store environments. They can be easily installed with cash register equipment and other accessories, suitable for various small-scale food and retail businesses.

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postron t2 lite pos
postron t2 mini pos

POSTRON T2 mini Desktop POS


The innovative and stylish horizontal touchscreen POS terminals allow you to maintain face-to-face communication with customers during order taking and payment processing, enhancing sales through interaction and boosting customer satisfaction. They come with built-in receipt printers and support NFC contactless payments.

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Convenient for use at tables, waiting areas, terraces, sidewalks, and other outdoor sales locations, allowing you to quickly and accurately complete order taking. They can connect to wireless networks, mobile network hotspots, and Bluetooth.

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postron m2 pos

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