Enhance Efficiency and Table Turnover Speed

We provide an integrated payment and ordering management system for your fast-food or beverage shop, allowing you to enjoy the convenience and peace of mind brought by contactless payment and paperless ordering processes!

quick service restaurant

Less Contact, Defining a New Concept in Dining

  • We offer restaurants multi-channel integrated payment services, along with 24/7 free customer support. All payment devices are PCI certified, ensuring transaction security.

  • Whether in-store or online, various credit card and mobile NFC contactless payments can be processed quickly. Electronic receipts can be sent via SMS, reducing unnecessary human-machine and human-human contact, with a commitment to the lowest transaction fees.

Service Acceleration, Quality Upgrade

  • We recommend the use of mobile handheld smart ordering management terminals, allowing waitstaff to complete ordering, modifications, payments, tip calculations, bill splitting, and receive online orders and out-of-stock alerts right beside the customers.

  • All ordering management (POS) hardware comes preloaded with dedicated software and integrated payment ports. You only need to connect to the internet and power, and you can quickly install it, even without the assistance of our technicians.

quick service restaurant
quick service restaurant

Manage Operations Anytime, Anywhere

  • You can log into the POS management platform on personal computers and other smart mobile devices to view the latest sales reports, allowing you to stay informed even outside the office.

  • Based on analysis of customer spending patterns and historical sales data, you can set discounts, establish member points reward rules, and send discount codes to specific customer groups, ensuring systematic operation and naturally increased revenue!

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