Smart POS Products

Free essential hardware for opening a store

  • We provide demonstrations of basic POS system operations, QR code ordering, and backend management functions.

  • Various models available including handheld and desktop versions, suitable for all types of restaurants, food trucks, and delivery services.

Ideal for various types of restaurants, food trucks, retail stores, etc.

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Online Payment and Phone Order

Online Payments and Phone Orders

Remote card processing made easy

We demonstrate how to input payment information online through the Converge or platform, enabling you to accept payments or send electronic invoices to customers. No contracts, no termination fees. Suitable for eCommerce websites, mobile apps, wholesalers, or B2B service providers.

In-store Card Processing Demonstration

Low price guarantee + free card reader

We'll guide you through the features of card readers and help you choose the best style for your needs. We offer rate comparisons to ensure the lowest transaction fees, and you can even use the card reader for free with no termination fees. Suitable for all types of businesses seeking in-store card processing services, including restaurants, retail, salons, and others.

A Better Way to Accept Payments

Powerful Features, Simple Operation

Quickly complete order taking, splitting bills, and payments. Supports multilingual display and can be integrated with kitchen display screens or printers.

Cloud Management, Data Analysis

Access real-time sales data, modify menu prices, and manage multiple stores easily through your phone or computer.

24/7 customer service in both Chinese and English

Our customer service and technical support teams are available year-round. Just give us a call, and we'll provide professional and timely assistance.

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