Time to Retire Your Old-fashioned Ordering Machine!

The new generation of point-of-sale (POS) management system makes ordering and settlement more efficient, while functions such as data analysis, membership programs, and inventory management elevate sales to the next level.


Real-time Sales Information Tracking

  • Real-time tracking of sales information, including daily sales, popular products, and sales trends.

  • Quickly adjust inventory and restocking plans to meet customer demand and maximize sales revenue.

Integrate Various POS Devices

  • Receipt printers, card readers, kitchen display systems, and other hardware work together in coordination to form a complete POS management system.

  • Integrate product information and sales data for chain stores, so that a single terminal can manage branches across the country or even globally.

postron pos devices

Wireless Networking, Contactless Payment

  • The latest introduction of various handheld smart POS terminals, lightweight and portable, capable of both ordering and payment tasks at the same time.

  • Unique QR code ordering function, customers can browse the menu and place orders on their own mobile phones, without the need for physical menus.

  • All card terminals support NFC contactless payment, eliminating the need for cash or bank cards, ensuring safety and hygiene.

Customer Data and Relationship Management

  • Collect customer data, including purchase history, preferences, and contact information, etc.

  • Help in formulating personalized sales and marketing strategies, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Automatically generate sales reports and analysis to help businesses understand customer behavior patterns and optimize product offerings and services.

postron pos devices

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