We Cultivate Loyal Customers Together with You

A comprehensive customer relationship management system helps you efficiently manage customers. A gift card, exclusive discounts for members, personalized promotional messages, allowing you to understand customers and retain them better.


Establish Customer Profiles, Understand Their Needs

  • Store and browse customer purchase records in the backend of the CRM system.

  • Know your customers' preferences well, regularly push sales information, and increase sales volume.

  • Establish a member feedback program and formulate and modify point reward rules.

Issue Gift Cards to Retain Regular Customers

  • Encourage customers to use gift cards can significantly increase repeat purchases and speed up the checkout process.

  • Let the gift cards in the hands of customers become mobile advertisements, attracting new customers through gift giving.

Exclusive Discounts for Members

  • Set the form of discounts, including limited-time discounts, electronic discount vouchers, double points, free birthday gifts for members, etc.

  • Send targeted SMS or email messages to make promotional activities resonate with customers.

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