Best Service Starts with Intelligent Management

A reliable card payment service and a stylish yet practical intelligent POS system are the best choices for high-end beauty salons and clinics.


Accept Card Payments

  • Help you set up merchant card accounts suitable for massage parlors, hair, nail, and beauty salons, small clinics, etc.

  • Assist you in dealing with fraud and credit card chargeback issues.

Bridge the Gap between You and Your Customers

  • Establish member profiles in the system to record and analyze their preferences and consumption behavior.

  • Send exclusive discounts and promotional messages based on customer characteristics to increase sales conversion rates.


Say Goodbye to Scheduling Errors, Efficiently Manage Appointments

  • Create electronic schedules in the system to manage staff schedules reasonably and check appointment status at any time.

  • In-store, online, phone appointments, and regular services are all clearly recorded, categorized, and displayed to avoid scheduling errors.

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