Comprehensive Upgrade of Dine-in Experience

We offer a comprehensive service for bars and full-service restaurants, including payment, ordering, online ordering, and data analysis, with a fully functional POS system to make restaurant operations more efficient, services more considerate, and popularity soaring.

postron pos terminals

Your Exclusive Restaurant Management Hub

  • A powerful POS computer hosts all wireless handheld devices, cash drawers, kitchen printers, etc., with data synchronized in real-time, ensuring smooth and stable operation even during peak hours.

  • Customize table maps to view the usage status of each dining area and table; kitchen orders are sent to designated kitchen printers, ensuring that only the most accurate information is provided to those who need it.

  • Streamline ordering, serving, payment, tip calculation, bill splitting, etc., to leave a perfect impression on customers.

Smart Payment Solutions

  • Use handheld mobile POS devices to take orders and receive payments, providing service seamlessly at tables, waiting areas, terraces, sidewalks, or even outdoor events, never missing an opportunity.

  • Customers can also access the online ordering page by scanning QR codes, avoiding the use of shared menus or physical card terminals. Minimize unnecessary contact and adapt to new market demands!

postron handheld pos device

Data is King

  • Digitize order information and securely store it in a cloud database; you can log into the POS management platform using internet-connected devices like personal computers to view sales data and automatically generated charts at any time.

  • Set inventory levels, restocking periods, and menu costs to better control costs and increase profit margins; establish scientifically reasonable schedules and sales targets for the team, and monitor clock-in times and sales performance.

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