Complete Payment Transactions to Ensure Customer Satisfaction

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Are you looking for the most cost-effective cashier solution? Alliance is the best choice! We provide in-store and online payment processing services for businesses in various industries, offering security, efficiency, and attentive service.

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Connect Payment Channels for You

  • We help you accept various credit/debit cards, including magnetic stripe cards and EMV chip cards; while also supporting EBT cards, China UnionPay cards, and bank cards issued overseas!

  • Support NFC contactless payment, enabling quick transactions when NFC-enabled bank cards/smartphones (such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.) enter the detection range, facilitating contactless payment to maintain social distancing.

  • Provide the most advanced mobile smart card reader devices on the market, capable of connecting to WiFi, mobile hotspots, 3G/4G networks, ideal for delivery services, exhibitions, food truck sales, and other business models.

Online Payment, Quick and Secure

  • We set up payment channels for your website/mobile app to accept credit cards and ACH payments; customers can also set up monthly automatic deductions.

  • No website? You can send electronic invoices (e-invoice), and customers can input their credit card information and complete remote payments by opening the link.

Payment Transactions, Safety Comes First

  • Well-trained customer service teams will assist you in completing PCI security certification to safeguard credit card information security.

  • We help you handle customer credit card payment issues and assist in training employees, promoting standard card swiping operations and card security knowledge.

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