Alliance Bankcard Services Is Willing to Cooperate with You Sincerely

We offer generous referral rewards as a token of appreciation for your support and trust in us

Company Alliance Program

We invite companies and organizations to establish partnerships with us and introduce Alliance Bankcard Services to your clients, partners, organization members, and others. We will provide you with absolutely generous referral rewards and ensure that the customers you refer are satisfied with our professional service.
This partnership program is suitable for
Website Design/Operation Companies
Advertising Agencies
E-commerce Platform Operators
POS Software Developers
Industry Associations/Organizations
Other B2B Service Companies

Personal Affiliate Program

If you trust Alliance and are willing to introduce us to your friends, family, and customers in your personal capacity, for every successful signing of a merchant, we will provide you with a $150 reward, with no upper limit.
This partnership program is suitable for
Business Consultants
Commercial Litigation Lawyers
Private Business Owners
Individual Sales Representatives
Real estate Brokers
Asset Management Experts
Other Individuals Providing Business-related Services

Applying to accept credit card payments is actually quite simple!

If you want to know the necessary information for opening an account, or if you want to help your customers/friends apply for an account, please click to download the latest application form.


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