POSTRON P2 Handheld POS Terminal

Rule the game one handed

Check inventory, take orders, collect payments and print receipts with a pocket-sized device.

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All-in-one design

Fulfill all your needs on the POS system by delivering a powerful and efficient work experience with zero barriers to success.

A versatile device in your pocket

Take orders by the side of your customers, minimizing the queuing time.

Process card and NFC payments at lightning speed.

Print receipts and collect the signature at the same time without keeping your customer waiting.

Designed for Simplicity
Facilitate in-store operations

A central hub on the move

  • POSTRON P2 can be connected with a kitchen printer to realize the sychronization of ordering and preparing.

  • For food trucks, kiosks, and delivery services with limited space, P2 could serve as a countertop POS terminal!

Stay online, stay active

  • Connect to WIFI, smart phone hotspot, or use a SIM/eSIM card to stay online wherever you go.

  • The best solution for delivery services, food trucks/kiosks, and sellers at flea market/farmers market.

Actionable insights and practical management tools
Online ordering features available

Durable and reliable

The high-quality plastic shell prevents it from damages caused by a fall.

Removable lithium battery that will support 8 hours of active use.

Embrace contactless payment

Partnering with POSTRON, we provide a one-stop smart POS solution. The handheld smart POS P2 can accept stripe/chip card and NFC payments, including Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. *

*Payment features are coming soon

No contract, no hidden fee

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