Smart POS System

Get Free Terminals

  • Introduce you multiple POS terminals and accessories with great features. Show you how to manipulate the backend.

  • POSTRON POS Series support online ordering and touchless payments. Please talk to us for more details.

Ideal for restaurant & food truck, retail store

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Value Bundle of POS Devices
Online Payment and Phone Order

Online payment and phone order

Distance is not a problem anymore

Show you how to accept card payments on Converge/, by manually inputing payment information or sending e-invoice. No contract, no cancellation fee.

Ideal for E-commerce Website, Mobile App, Wholesale, B2B Service Providers.

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In-store payment solution

Price Match + Free Credit Card Machine

Help you pick the most suitable credit card machine. Match any charge rate you could find on the market. Free EMV-enabled device. No contract, no cancellation fee.

Ideal for restaurant, retail, salon, and all the other merchants looking for in-store payment solution

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A Better Way to Accept Payments
Powerful & User-friendly

Powerful & User-friendly

Ordering, tipping, and checking on an intuitive interface. Multilingual system and receipt. Support online ordering and contactless payment.

Cloud Technology & Data Analysis

Cloud Technology & Data Analysis

Check real-time data and update product information on your smartphones and PCs. Perfect for chain stores.

24/7 Bilingual Customer Service

24/7 Bilingual Customer Service

Technical support and customer service representatives walk you through the set-up process and provide sincere help.

No contract, no hidden fee

Talk to a sales rep for a quote

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