A better way to accept payments

Interchange + 0.09% + 5¢ PI

No matter what kind of business you have and how your customers want to pay, we are here to offer you a customized payment solution.

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A Better Way to Accept Payments
Support Across All Payment Methods

Support across all payment methods

  • Accept payments in-store and online from major credit/debit card and Apple Pay.

  • Swipe, key-in, and NFC contactless.

  • Processing payments via Alipay and Union Pay.

Best solution for online and in person payment

  • Provide service to retail, wholesale, fine dining restaurant, quick-serve restaurant, salon, business on-the-go, e-commerce & more.

  • Work closely with you to customize payment solutions based on your business model.

Best Solution for Online and Offline Needs
Security Matters

Security matters

  • Guide you to achieve PCI (The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance.

  • Provide tips and advice regarding payment security and chargeback issue.

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