POSTRON M2 Handheld POS Terminal

Go wireless,
go paperless

Your staff could take orders and check product information by customers' side, shortening the waiting time and improving the experience. 

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A handheld smart POS device designed for all types of restaurants. Let's complete your POS system by kicking start the service on-the-go!

Enjoy the flexibility

Take orders by the side of your customers, no matter in store, on the patio, or at the curbside.

Send the orders directly to the designated kitchen printer(s), much more accurate than handwritten notes.

Designed for Simplicity
Facilitate in-store operations

No time for down time

  • Quad-core CPU empowered by Android 7.1 OS, ensuring a smooth user experience.

  • Ready to be integrated with POSTRON desktop terminal, handheld POS device and other accessories.

Always on-call

  • Connect to WIFI, smartphone hotspot, or use a SIM card to keep active wherever you go; also support Bluetooth and iBeacon. 

  • The best friend at work for delivery services, food truck/kiosk, and flea market/farmers market.

Actionable insights and practical management tools
Online ordering features available

Durable and portable

Battery powerful enough for 8 hours of active use or 10 days of standby.

Sound and beeping alert for new orders delicatedly designed for peak hours.

Embrace contactless payment

Partnering with POSTRON, we provide a one-stop smart POS solution. M2 could be synchronized with a credit card terminal to achieve a seamless experience of mobile ordering and NFC payment.

No contract, no hidden fee

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