T80 Double-Screen Smart POS Terminal

A customizable central hub

An ultimate POS terminal built for full-service restaurants and chain stores seeking for a better way to boost sales and facilitate management

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Premium POS solution

Powerful enough to cope with the most complex in-store operations and peak demands.

Digitize your restaurant, improve customer experience

Allowing you to taking orders, tipping and checking in a few seconds, T80 could streamline your workflow and better manage orders

Digitize Your Restaurant, Upgrade the Customer Experience
Windows™ OS for Best Performances

Windows™ OS for best performances

T80 is based on Windows™ operating system, which enables the POS system to bring everything related to in-store operations together as a command center.

Dual screen, double delight

Multi-touch HD 15.6" monitor and 15.6" interactive customer display, improve the work efficiency and delight your customers.

Double-screen, better user experience

Customize your
POS system

Benefiting from its high extensibility and compatibility, in-house software developers will be able to customize the function modules tailoring to your needs. A POS system ready to grow with you.

Customize your POS system

Help you deal with payments, together with a pin-pad

When connected to a pin-pad, T80 could complete payments and print receipts efficiently.


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