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+1-909-348-5388 (International)
Call us 1-800-503-6222 (US) /
+1-909-348-5388 (International)
Call us 1-800-503-6222 (US) /
+1-909-348-5388 (International)
Lift customer experience
to a new height
Lift customer experience
to a new height
Lift customer experience
to a new height

simple and powerful all-in-one point of sale solution

Ideal for full service and fine dining restaurant, quick service restaurant, food, and beverage store.

Mobile Ordering

Place an online order via mobile devices; Orders seamlessly sync with your POS station.



Stay connected to your business; Single update and sync to multi-locations.

waiting / reservation

Better manage waitlist, reservation and phone order; Notify customers via SMS.


online ordering

Quick and convenient; Online order fully integrated with your POS station.

Explore All Features

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Real-time Reporting

Access and manage your sales and invenory with detailed reports & analysis.

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Accept multiple payments

Swipe, EMV chip cards, contactless, Apple Pay, gift cards, WeChat Pay, Alipay and cash.

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Multilingual Capabilities; Easy-to-switch multilingual POS & Back Office Displays and Prints.

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Easy-setting item modifiers

Detailed and customizable modifiers; Easy add-ons such as toppings, sides and sauce.

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Employee management

Manage employees with clock-in and clock-out report; Multi-levels of access and permissions.

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Multi-location management

Manage sales, employees and inventory of single and multiple locations anytime and anywhere.

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Detailed sales reports

Reports and analysis help you to understand sales and profitability trends.

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Bill Splitting and tipping

Allow customers to pay together or separately; tipping and splitting bills by person or by item.

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Loyalty program & gift card

Reward your customers with points or discount. Build loyalty program and launch gift cards.