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Whenever you come across a tech failure, a suspicious transaction, or a chargeback issue, just give us a call. The customer service number and your customer ID could be found on the devices we provided. Our team will be pleased to assist you.


Accept payment in-store and online from major credit/debit card, EBT card, and mobile payment like Apple Pay. Support swiping, key-in, and NFC contactless. We can also help you process payments via Alipay and China Union Pay.


All our POS terminals are designed by award-winning teams. Combining functionality with a good taste, we'd like to delight you and your customers with elegant, high performing devices. A must have for modern, fashionable restaurants, boutiques, lodgings, and salons.


Our POS system applies an intuitive design, making new employees get up to speed faster and saving training time.You can split bills by person or by item in a few steps. It is also easy for waiters to add tips, or apply discount. Normally new employees could manipulate the POS system in 1-2 hours.


All the information is storaged securely in the cloud database. It allows you to log in to the management platform and check the real-time report whenever you want, on whatever web-enabled devices you have. You could manage chain stores while sitting in your office or at home. No more need to worry about insufficient memory. Compared to traditional cash register or restaurant computer, a cloud-based system is more efficient, more budget friendly, and ready to grow with your business.


Regularly analyze sales, employee and inventory data will help you make better decisions. On the management platform of our POS system, you could check real-time sales data, transaction history, customer profiles, and other business report. By setting filters, you will be able to know what is your best seller, when comes the peak hour, who close more deals, etc. All the data is visualized by easy-to-understand charts and graphics.


When you use our POS system, you will be able to set up item modifiers, including cooking instructions, sauces, sides, etc. You could add new or edit existing modifiers whenever you want on the backend, and synchronize in one click.


Easily create, implement and manage customer reward programs. Our loyalty program fits seamlessly into the checkout process, automatically tracking rewards with each sale. Loyalty points could be checked on mobile devices. You could also send text/e-mail to designated customer groups to achieve higher sales conversion rate. Please talk to our sales representatives for more details.


Provide 24/7 sincere help to our merchants in English, Mandarin, & Cantoness for free. Our in-house customer care team is ready to help whenever you need. We will tackle technology challenges, payment security issues, and help you deal with chargebacks to ensure your business stays up.


Some of our terminals/POS software support multilingual display. It will get your staff on board more quickly, and facilitate the internal communication. We can also do receipt in both Chinese and English. Please talk to our sales representatives for details.


When you install the smart POS system, you could easily track sales and manage information across multiple locations with real-time report on the cloud-based platform. Updates on items and new discounts rules will be applied automatically in all the POS stations, or in selected stores.


Merchants usually receive the card payments in 2 business days. For businesses looking forward to accelerating the process, they can pay an additional monthly fee for next-day funding service. Please talk to our sales representatives for details.


Professional sales representatives will help you pinpoint the solution and device suiting you the most. After you receive the credit card machine and/or POS terminal, our tech support team will provide a training course on the phone or face-to-face. It will cover the main function and basic manipulation of the devices, as well as how to process a card payment in a safe way.


The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an information security standard for organizations that handle branded credit cards from the major card schemes. The standard was created to increase control around cardholder data to reduce credit card fraud. Alliance Bankcard Services protect you from credit card fraud and data breaches with a fast and secure payment network. All our devices and software are PCI compliant. We can also help you accomplish PCI online exam and do regular virus scan.


Keeping accurate books and tax information is extremely important for all businesses. For company with high value transaction or batch trading, integrating QuickBooks with credit card processing will allow the two systems to share information spontaneously. With your books balanced, you can go back to focusing on growing your business. Please talk to our sales representatives for details.


For either restaurant or retail store, tracking inventory level will significantly improve your costs. Benifiting from our smart point of sale system, you could handle stock-in and -out easily with a handhold scanner. The system can also send reminder while out of stock. Please talk to our sales representatives for details.


For e-commerce business, we enable you to set up a recurring payment rule for a monthly subscription fee. Please talk to our sales representative for more details.


All the credit card machines, POS terminals and accessories meet the highest quality standard. The up-to-dated computer processors ensure the best performance during busy periods.


For NCR POS users, the Commerce for NCR Silver features enables you to set up an online ordering page in a few minutes using templates. You could then offer customers the convenience of ordering online and picking up at your location. Please talk to our sales representative for more details.


Assign roles and track employee schedule with clock-in/clock-out feature in the smart POS system. Employee portal empowers your team to manage shift changes, review schedules and more. In addition, by integrating the book keeping and payrol system to your POS, you could save more energy on evaluating sales performance.


Transaction information will be securely storaged in a PCI complant database. By regularly checking the transaction history, you will be able to gain actionable insights from your sales data and detect suspicious orders in time.
Free Credit Card Machine

Free Credit Card Machine

We provide free credit card machine to active users! Support magnetic stripe card, EMV card, and NFC. All devices are PCI compliant. When you close the account, just return the machine to our office. No cancellation fee.  
Offline Mode Available

Offline Mode

When the internet is down in your store, don’t worry. All the order information could be stored in the POS terminal, and synchronized automatically when you back online. Please talk to our sales representative for more details.
Optimize Cash Flow

Optimize Cash Flow

Encourage frequent buyers to buy a pre-loaded card, so that you could obtain cash before they actually make the purchase. Research also shows that customers shopping with a gift card will buy more than others. It will help small businesses to compete with major retailers. Please talk to our sales representative for more details.
Reduce risk of credit card fraud

Reduce Risk Of Credit Card Fraud

When your customers pay by gift card/pre-loaded card, you will not need to worry about fake credit card, dispute, or counterfeit notes. It will also accelerate the check-out process.
Achieve Higher Conversion Rates

Higher Conversion Rates

Gift card/pre-loaded card will encourage loyalty and repeat visits.  Study shows that consumers will more likely to come to your store when they shop with a gift card. Please talk to our sales representative for more details.

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