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+1-909-348-5388 (International)
Call us 1-800-503-6222 (US) /
+1-909-348-5388 (International)
Call us 1-800-503-6222 (US) /
+1-909-348-5388 (International)

A better way to accept payment

Alliance Bankcard Services provides an integrated and convenient way to connect check-in and check-out procedures with payment processing system. Our technology and products enable you to manage room reservation and payment operation in the most secure and efficient way, and help you integrate payment system with reception, restaurant, bar, spa or retail store management in your hotel.


POYNT Smart Terminal

POYNT smart terminal supports a full range of payment types for lodging merchants. Protecting merchants and customers from counterfeit card fraud. POYNT enables you to manage your payment in the easiest and most secure way.

All types of payments

Swipe, EMV chip cards, NFC contactless, Apple Pay, gift cards,WeChat Pay and Alipay.


All types of hospitality business

Hotels, motels, inns, vacation rentals, resort property, restaurant and spa.

Security Solutions

We protect your customers and your reputation by connecting to our fast and secure payment network.


24/7 Technical Support

Our FREE multilingual customer support team provides 24/7 sincere and dedicated technical support to our merchants.

Competitive pricing model

No hidden fees; A transparent fees and rates break-down statement is what you expect to see every month.


Next day funding available

Our professional team takes care of your business. We make sure that your business receive funds on time.

Run your business better